Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings

It starts with the face value and stays true to the talent. Good-looking things can always attract people’s attention at a glance, business is now also more and more focus on the external design of the product. Today I will organize a few super high values, practicality of you according to the needs of the random Amway it.

Fun home decor: swan soup spoon

This product has an ordinary spoon based on the addition of a “special function”, the principle of non-tipping design. Not only can it stand on a flat surface, but it can also stand in the soup, which is very consistent with the feeling of a swan at a glance, and I have to say that the value is really high, and the brain hole is also big enough. If you put this spoon into the boiling hot pot, what will be the scene?

fun home  decor

Fun home decor: sponge storage bed

Are you still worried about the sponge at home have no place to live? This sponge bed is specially designed for all kinds of sponges, it is definitely the right choice, and the two cute and adorable little pillows on it really poke people. In addition to sponges have other uses? So far, the purpose of this crib is to hold sponges, and cuteness.

fun home  decor

Fun home decor: gesture hooks

The first reaction to seeing all the colorful, different shapes and even cooler looking hands like ours is really a bit creepy. But when I saw these, I felt as if I could live with it. I can’t wait to give a high five and enthusiasm when hanging things up every day. This hook gravity is still strong, when you buy, be sure to consider the style of home decoration, as well as their own acceptance of the most products Oh.

fun home  decor

Fun home decor: creative door stopper

Door stopper has always been quite ribbed a product, it is estimated that businesses are aware of this problem, and now these door stalls a more than a lovely, old aunts cannot help but look at a few more eyes! This ice cream is simply not too realistic, even the texture of the cone is quite clear, far away from the past probably really think a cone fell to the ground.

fun home  decor

Fun home decor: spring, summer, autumn and winter seasonings

I can only say that his family is really cute to the extreme, simply too good-looking! The little decorations, with a glass cover, are so inspirational. But can you imagine this is a kitchen item? The main purpose is to contain our cooking seasonings, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, chili powder, cumin powder and so on.

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This product has a small opening at the top of the glass, mainly for sprinkling seasonings, but because the hole is so small, it’s basically impossible to pour out. At the same time, there is a fatal problem, the seasoning will be damp.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图5

Fun home decor: creative toothpick holder

The first time I saw this thing, it is really quite rare, hedgehogs really have thorns on it. I specifically counted a hedgehog can be put on about 25 toothpicks, the amount is not much not less than enough, the big deal is to use a put another one. But it is estimated that with this toothpick tube should pay attention to a health problem, after all, the whole toothpick without any barrier protection, dust is always inevitable.

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Fun home decor: odd-shaped tea maker

Now more and more young people, began to focus on health, tea, in order to cater to young people’s tastes, the market also appeared a variety of strange tea brewer. The process of waiting for tea is also more interesting, as if it is really a tulip blooming in the cup.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图7

Different sizes of dinosaurs, suitable for different sizes of kettle, the amount of tea can also be adjusted, not to mention the children like, small special look cannot move their eyes.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图8

Fun home decor: art ornaments

This is a very artistic ornament is very eye-catching, abstract three human faces from small to large overlap together, there is no trace of abruptness, but more harmonious and unique beauty. Such a pendant is very suitable for placement in the modern minimalist home design.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图9

This small ornament with photos is very cute and brings us a feeling of youth and vigor. We can place it in our bedroom with photos full of memories to make our bedroom more loving.

Eco-friendly and romantic is the theme of this glass candle lamp. Its design is simple and transmits a clear and unique concept, and this kind of ornament is very suitable to be placed in a Japanese style apartment or a Scandinavian style log home. The vase hanging on the wall is simple, elegant and generous, abandoning the traditional form of vase placement and incorporating innovation.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图10

Fun home decor: cat teaser wool lamps

For the family has meow star shoveling officer, teasing the cat is definitely one of life’s great joys, shoveling officer is not, meow star how to play? Portuguese designer PEDRO SOUSA to enlarge the wool ball, long knitting needles on the pick of the round bulb, winding down the wool in the light to change out of a variety of shapes, meow masters can also play happily, shit shoveling officer, what seems to have no value.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图11

Fun home decor: my greens have long legs

I’ve seen the white porcelain figurines with different postures, silly faces, and uniformly long grass on their heads, and I realized that plants can be so cute. For the bonsai ornaments of creativity will never stop, Milan designer Matteo Cubic designed a small bonsai ornament, looks like a glass cover over the upper body, the lower half of the body with long legs of the aliens. Don’t run away from that cactus, I’ve got my eye on you!

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图12

Fun home decor: clothes climb up the wall by themselves

For office workers, “what to wear to work” and “what to eat for lunch” are equally important issues, and a shirt is never a bad choice, but after spending a night on a hook or hanger, there will be a strange bulge under the collar or at the shoulders. Loyal The Monsieur Dress up Collar Hook from Loot Collective is shaped like a fixed shirt collar. The maple wood material looks very comfortable, and the sleek curvature of the hook holds up the collar of the shirt, so you don’t have to worry about deforming the collar at all. From a distance, it looks as if the shirt climbs up the wall by itself.

Fun Home Decor: 11 Good Looking and Fun Home Furnishings插图13

We are running around for life every day, when you work all day and your hands are sore and your neck is aching, seeing these cute little things is a small comfort in the middle of the day.

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