Fun Home Decor: Bring Bardic into Your Life with These 6 DIY Home Decor Ideas Part 1

Fun Home Decor: Bring Bardic into Your Life with These 6 DIY Home Decor Ideas Part 1


In the time they spend staying at home, many people can discover their creative talents by doing something they’ve never done before. Have you created something or want to try something new to impress yourself? We have some home décor ideas for you inspired by Batik (Batik) design.

Batik is one of Indonesia’s most iconic crafts, rich and inspiring due to its diversity. in October 2009 it was designated by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Batik can be integrated into many different artifacts, including DIY home decor products that you can make yourself. You can plan a visit to Indonesia in the wake of this outbreak, but stay home now and plan it so that perhaps you can start your trip tomorrow. Until then, add a touch of Indonesian flavor to your home by making these Batik-inspired decorations.

Fun Home Decor: Coasters

Nowadays, we do a lot of things at home, including work-related things, relaxing and socializing with friends via video calls. We need to drink coffee or other mood-boosting beverages to help us stay productive, and while we’re at it, why don’t we make a coaster as a little decoration to motivate us? Here’s the idea: you can paint a Megamendung Batik pattern on the surface of the coaster.

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Megamendung Batik originated in Cirebon, West Java, and its design was largely inspired by Chinese art motifs that were introduced to Indonesia in the early 16th century. Megamendung Batik is rich in philosophical connotations related to patience and virtue. The pattern consists of seven color gradations from dark blue to light blue, depicting the seven layers of the sky, which is not surprising since “Megamendung” literally means “cloudy sky”. So not only will these Badik coasters inspire you to be more creative, they will also remind you to be patient and kind, especially when times are tough.

How to make Mega Mendung Bardic Coasters

You will need white cotton fabric, acrylic paint, a brush and a squirt bottle. Cut the fabric into squares and prepare the design.

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Spray the fabric with water to dampen it before you start painting the design. Try different techniques like using a sponge to create dashes and experiment with different design patterns. Modern Batik designs are minimalist and use lighter colors that may be more appealing to the younger generation.

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After painting your Mega Mendung pattern and other complementary patterns, let the paint dry. Then, sew the fabric into the coasters. You can also try more colors in your next coaster design!

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Fun Home Decor: Flower Pots

You have to spend most of your time at home, so why not do some indoor gardening and keep the air fresh? You can start making your own flower pots and we highly recommend you to decorate them with Parang Rusak batik designs from Central Java. The name literally means “broken machete”, and yes, it does sound cool. The design is shaped like a row of letters “S” at a 45-degree diagonal, inspired by the victory symbols that existed during the reign of Mataram.

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It is unclear who was the first to create this design, but many say that Sultan Agung from Mataram came up with the idea during his meditations on the southern coast of Java at the beginning of the 16th century.Behind the design of the Parang Rusak Batik lies the philosophy of courage, strength and heredity. We hope that planting a flower bed with Parang Rusak Batik design on the surface will inspire you to be brave and strong like the ancient warriors.

How to make parang rusak badik planter

It was time to reuse jars and old containers for this project. We reused a plastic chocolate jam container in this planter. You will need an old container, white spray paint, masking tape, paint brush, and acrylic paint with the color of your choice.

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Start by cleaning out your old containers. Blow dry it before painting lines with masking tape. Then color the unglued areas with white spray paint. Set aside until completely dry.

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Peel off the tape and add a Parang Rusak pattern on the sprayed container. Here, we’ve drawn three S shapes to connect the white areas as accents. Then you can add some water and put your favorite greenery in your new planter!

Fun Home Decor: Wall Decor

Looking for some “real art” and creativity? Try to impress yourself; make a huge batik style collage and hang it on your bedroom wall. We recommend 6 popular Indonesian Badik patterns: Megamendung, Parang Rusak, Truntum, Kawung, Pekalongan, and Gentongan Madura.

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These patterns not only showcase vibrant and contrasting designs, but also present a meaningful philosophy in each design. “Megamendung,” depicts patience, “Parang Rusak” depicts bravery, “Truntum” depicts emotion, “Kawung,” “Kawung,” “Kawung,” “Kawung,” “Kawung,” “Kawung,” “Kawung,” “Kawung,” and “Kawung,” “Kawung” depict patience. “Kawung” depicts wisdom, “Pekalongan” depicts progress, and “Gentongan Madura” depicts freedom.

How to make wall decorations

You can draw using any medium you like, such as paper or canvas, or draw digitally on your gadget and then print it out. Here’s an example of what you need to prepare if you choose to try watercolors. Grab a piece of watercolor paper at 300 grams per square meter, a pencil, an eraser, masking tape, paintbrushes, and your favorite watercolor shading and masking fluid to highlight some of the patterns. In the original Batik process, liquid wax is used to extract and seal the original colors of the fabric so that the specific patterns that have been dyed in the fabric show up clearly.

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Apply masking tape to paper in any pattern you like. Here we have created 6 spaces to fill with different batik patterns. Outline the batik pattern with a thin pencil and choose the colors you want for each pattern.

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After the pencil sketch is complete, prepare the liner and decide which pattern you want to highlight. The liner will protect the white paper from the watercolor, so when it dries, you can gently peel it off to make your pattern look good with contrasting colors.

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