Enhancing Kitchen Ambiance: The Power of Can Lights in Kitchen

Enhancing Kitchen Ambiance: The Power of Can Lights in Kitchen

A well-lit kitchen is not only essential for practical tasks but also plays a significant role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. One popular lighting option that has gained immense popularity in recent years is can lights in kitchen. In this article, we will explore the benefits of can lights in the kitchen and how they can enhance the overall ambiance.

Can Lights in Kitchen:Benefits 

Can Lights in Kitchen: Dramatic light

Like a can light on a stage, the intense beam of light from a canned light easily draws our attention to a precious painting or statue. Flip the switch on the canned light and the light shines down, highlighting architectural features such as the stone face on the fireplace and adding drama to the space. Our lives come alive with this dramatic light.

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Push or Focus Lights

Ambient light sources such as chandeliers and table lamps are not very good at “pushing” usable light onto a countertop because their beams spread out before they reach their destination. Recessed downlights, on the other hand, are better at illuminating a space twice their height, especially when using a narrow beam. The narrower the beam, the stronger the illumination of a particular point. For example, a spotlight has a highly concentrated beam, while a floodlight has a wider but less concentrated beam. When we cook in the kitchen, a more concentrated light source allows us to see more clearly when preparing food and avoids situations where salt and sugar are put in backwards.

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Hidden light

Nothing provides lumens more discreetly than recessed downlights. Recessed downlights are getting smaller and smaller. Standard 6-inch downlights are giving way to 2-inch and 3-inch downlights, giving ceilings a sleeker, neater look. This recessed lighting allows our eyes to see a flat piece of wall that doesn’t stand out. This is a very pleasing point to the eye for those who like neatness.

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Disadvantages of Can Lights in the Kitchen

But like most things in life, the can lighting isn’t perfect. There are three common problems with recessed lighting: the “cave-in effect”, the “glare bomb” and the “energy outlet”.

Can Lights in Kitchen: Cave Effect

Lighting designers refer to the cave effect when describing rooms with recessed downlights, which can make the walls appear dark. The effect will work well in such a home theater, but other rooms usually need more layers of light to create a bright, comfortably lit space. Use recessed fixtures to evenly light the entire room. While we generally don’t recommend lighting a room with only direct light, a concealed dim light design like this looks great. This is especially true when there are enough windows to minimize the “cave-in” effect.

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Glare Bombs

Although they’re often sold as “recessed” downlights, some of the newer LED fixtures are barely recessed. With only quarter-inch recesses and bright frosted lenses, these fixtures can be a glare bomb that causes eyestrain, headaches and fatigue. This is especially true in open spaces where we relax and sit for long periods of time.

However, in this bright kitchen, the shallow LED fixtures around the perimeter of the room do a great job of illuminating the upper cabinets. But for overall ambient lighting, be sure to stick with deeper recessed fixtures.

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Energy Outlets

Recessed downlights are a target for energy experts because they cut holes in the ceiling to radiate heat in the winter and summer. To minimize the cost and discomfort of energy loss, many manufacturers offer air-sealed or insulation-rated fixtures to limit heat loss. But on a non-insulated porch like this one, there’s no need to worry about heat loss. This way we need to go about choosing the right downlight more carefully.

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Can Lights in Kitchen: Layered Lighting

Incorporating a combination of can lights, under-cabinet lights, and pendant lights can help create a layered lighting effect in the kitchen. This allows for different lighting intensities depending on the mood or task at hand, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Can Lights in Kitchen: Dimmer Controls

We can purchase can lights in a dimmable version so that we can change the brightness of the lights to our liking when installing them, and of course for everyday use. Enjoy it!

can lights in kitchen

Can Lights in Kitchen: Daily Maintenance of Can Lights

To install can lights we still need to let a professional do it. We can provide ideas of the effect we want to the professional. Let them use their expertise to make sure that we use the lights on a daily basis for safety and subsequent protective measures. Of course, lights like these have a shelf life and we need to go for regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance during use.

can lights in kitchen

Can lights in kitchen should not be based on a single source of light, but rather a multi-layered lighting system. Today can lights are becoming more and more popular with their functionality, and aesthetics that match our current aesthetic. Let’s make our cooking more delicious by installing can lights in the kitchen!

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